FAQs related to the product

1. I saw the T-Wizard toothbrush for sale at a third-party shop. Are these safe to buy?

At the moment you can order T-wizard brushes only in our official online store. Please note that we currently don’t have any partner distributors and that we are not available on Amazon, eBay or similar platforms.

2. How old do you need to be to use T-Wizard brushes?

Our current mouthpieces are suitable for adults and young people aged 14 years or older. 

3. Do I need a separate for every family member?

No. One handpiece is enough for the mouthpieces of several family members. The handpiece and mouthpiece are connected magnetically and are easy to separate.

4. Is the mouthpiece available in different sizes?

No. Its flexible material adapts to any mouth. We analyzed the teeth of more than 2,000 adults and discovered that sets of teeth do not differ greatly in terms of size, not even between men and women.

5. Do the T-Wizard brushes also work with braces?

Yes. The bristles are soft so that your braces won’t get damaged. The bristles may be bent or misplaced by the brackets. Therefore just like a normal manual or electric toothbrush, additional care for your teeth with braces will still be required.

6. How often do I need to replace the mouthpiece?

As with normal toothbrushes, you should replace your mouthpiece every 3-6 months.

7. Do T-Wizard brushes also clean the spaces between my teeth?

No. As with traditional toothbrushes, you should use dental floss for your interdental spaces.

8. How do I clean T-Wizard brushes?

As with traditional toothbrushes, you simply need to rinse the mouthpiece with water.

9. How long will the battery last?

T-Wizard Brush is supplied with a wireless charger. If you don't want to take your charger on vacation, a full charge will allow you to clean your teeth twice a day for a whole month.